Hoemstead owners recommend for guests

We invite you to visit Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium: www.muziejus.lt .

Palanga amber museum www.pgm.lt

We recommend to visit a club "Vandenis" with perfect live music concerts and unexceptionable meals. For the repertory and futher information please visit www.vandenis.lt .

Ferry to Kursiu Nerija information: www.keltas.lt .

Infomation of Kursiu Nerija: www.nerija.lt .

Palanga airport: www.palanga-airport.lt .

A perfect "SPA center" of a hotel "Palanga" is highly recommended for those who want to relax and regain strength. For service list and rates please visit www.palangahotel.lt .

Music club "Ramybė" www.klubasramybe.lt

HBH brewery www.hbh.lt

Train shedules in Lithuania - www.marsrutai.lt